Modular Hardware Platform

The robotic platform includes state-of-the-art rail self-supporting and self-aligning rail in extruded aluminum with a deep hard anodized surface treatment that offers exceptionally high performance and load capacity, with no maintenance and lubrication required, total reliability even in dirty environments. Optimized with easy and quick assemble, the modular rail system ensure great performance, such as:

Key Features:

  • Modular and moveable on all axis (X,Y,Z)
  • High protection and reliability for dirty environment
  • High working cycles
  • Self-supporting for greatest design freedom
  • High load capacity of over 100 kg
  • High precision and high axial forces

  • High mechanical performance

  • Low wear and tear

  • Low resistance to movement

Thanks to our intuitive, easy-to-program software interface, we can offer economic viable automation in new areas. The cutting edge intuitive tablet-based software gives you the opportunity to quickly setup the platform by programming the robot directly from drawings in Fusion 360, Autodesk, and REVIT without prior robotic education and training. Optimized to give the end-user minimal time spend programming and maximum up-time, our software ensures:

Intuitive Software

  • Quick setup and programming

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Ensures quality and documentation

  • Intuitive tablet-based user interface

  • Automatic data collection

Key Features:

  • Path programming in Fusion 360, Autodesk, and REVIT
  • Online and offline programming and control
  • Standard sensor and vision support
  • Automatic datalogger