Holm Huse

"if the window holes are milled with the robot,
we’re sure that they’re placed 100% even, so we
don’t have to manually adjust each window"
- Lars Holm, CEO of Holm Huse

Anything but traditional construction
Based on a dream to build detached houses, Svend Holm founded Holm Huse in 1965. The company has been building low-energy houses since the last energy crisis in the 70s.

Today, Lars Holm and Søren Holm run the company, which builds terraced houses and single-family houses. The houses consist of elements that are produced at their factory and put together on the construction site. The houses are built on concrete-free elements, which are mounted on screw foundations instead of traditional concrete foundations.

The need for automation
The lack of skilled labor has led Lars to seek new solutions in automation. And although he’s looked to automation to increase safety as well as efficiency several times before, and already has been looking at six-axis robots, it wasn’t the plan to buy a robot. Even so, he acknowledged the potential when our CEO, Finn Kirkegaard Christensen told him about a robot solution that can work on large surfaces.

Supporting the sustainable production
A RAW Bridge with a milling cutter attached for milling of window holes is now a permanent fixture at Holm Huse’s factory in Holstebro.

”When we’ve made a drawing, this is exactly the result we end up with”, says Lars. This way, they ensure itself from unnecessary waste of materials and allows the possibility of recycling – a principle they strive to conform to and supported by a RAW Bridge robot: “if you can be sure that the inside measurement of a house is 7.80 meters and not 7.81 meters, it is easier to reuse for other things”.

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