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Frequently asked questions

What can I use RAW to do?

With RAW there is endless possibilites. It is often utilized to automate grinding, painting, milling, cutting, but can be programmed to do almost any manual work.

The modular structure enables our robotic platform, in collaboration with the craftsman, to carry out the same tasks and processes that until now have been used exclusively by manpower. It moves at the same speed, delivers the same pressure and never gets tired or sick, and it can work on dangerous tasks without the risk of injury.

How do you program RAW?

The cutting edge intuitive tablet-based software gives you the opportunity to quickly setup the platform by programming the robot directly from drawings in Fusion 360, Autodesk, and REVIT without prior robotic education and training.

What does a RAW cost?

It depend of the specific setup and task. 

Our Robotic platform offers a range of motor units and rails that can be combined in many different ways creating the best possible setup for the job!

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