The construction industry lacks a robot revolution

Construction 16. May. 2019

The construction industry is growing. But could that growth be higher if it was not burdened by shortage of skilled workers? 

Lack of labor is one of the primary reasons for missing growth among a wide range of companies in the construction indus
tustry1,2,3,4. In perspective, a large number of work processes within construction are predictable and therefore have a direct automation potential with increased gains across value chains5, but also an opportunity to free skilled workers from performing tedious and attritional work.  

To meet future demands for quality, speed and sustainability in a growing market, there is a huge potential in using robots and automation – this is not only smart but also good for business.

Read more about why construction industry lacks a robot revolution in an article from Wired
right here (the article is in English). 

CEO of Robot at Work, Finn Kirkegaard Christensen.

Written 16. May. 2019
Written 16. May. 2019

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