Robot At Work has a new communications team

Construction 4. Oct. 2021

Robot At Work has a new communications team

… And you can follow our work here on the website or on Robot At Works LinkedIn.

Karina Bennedsen and Marie-Christine Juul Larsen both have a background in communication and marketing. They will manage the written assignments with a firm hand. Martin Ursin and Patrick Erickson are the team's visual geniuses, and they will run the visual set-up and film-making.

Karina has a master's degree in international business communication, and has previously worked with project management, PR and digital marketing. She has produced press releases, newsletters and SoMe posts. She has also arranged lectures, events and activities for local communities on Fyn.

It is important to her that the things she does benefits others, and about her position in Robot at Work, Karina says: “I have been looking forward to working with a robot solution that is so meaningful because it has the ability to help a lot of people in the construction industry, and I just look forward to passing this message on. ”

Marie-Christine has a master's degree in Danish, and she has worked with both internal and external communication, including, the production of texts for everything in between web, LinkedIn, newsletters and product descriptions. She is also used to having a coordinating role.

“Good morning” and “see you” are always said with a smile, and she says the following about her employment at Robot At Work: “I have been very much looking forward to working with Robot At Work's communicative identity - making a strategy and producing texts so we can tell the world who RAW is and what they can do. ”

Martin is a graphic designer, and has several years of professional experience with digital, visual communication, specializing in photography and video. He has worked at a high pace in tech companies, but has also been self-employed. Martin looks forward to using his visual identity, communication skills, and experience, as well as his critical eyes, to maintain a high graphic standard on RAW's digital projects.

Patrick has a background in multimedia design, web development and digital marketing. As a freelancer, he has previously been responsible for set-up and designing websites, folders, brochures and other marketing material.

For him, it's exciting to work at a place like Robot At Work because it's a growing industry and because RAW can help an industry in need. Patrick says about the job: "I look forward to developing Robot At Works' visual marketing in a growing industry."

We are excited to be part of the RAW team

Written 4. Oct. 2021
Written 4. Oct. 2021

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