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General 1. Nov. 2019

” Innovation to market makes it easier for us to get closer to the market and for our customers in the construction industry to see the possibilities of our modular robotics platform” - Kasper Guul Laursen, CEO at Robot at Work.

Often, our customers encounter a wide variety of imaginative challenges, when they think about how our modular robot platform fits into their context and work processes.

The primary challenges we encounter are not about functionality or the technical aspects of our robot technology, but how the modular technology can be implemented in our customers’ everyday life and specifically how it can be applied to several work processes without significant adjustments. 

The following is an introduction to how we at Robot at Work aid and support the education of future generations of workers in the construction industry:

RAW robotic platform.


The possibility to integrate the modular robot technology from Robot at Work and opportunity to be a part of tailoring the platform, and not to mention the tools for each specific task, opens up a whole new world of opportunities for our customers in the construction industry. ‘Out of the box’ thinking is sometimes necessary, and it is this kind of thinking that is particularly interesting – not just for us but especially for our customers.    

For instance by incorporating several workflows into the design of robotic setup and thereby reducing the return on investment period significantly. Other time the sheer power of the robot is enough of an advantage because it makes it possible to use more powerful equipment that improves the results and decreases the process time of the task. It all comes down to the specific task and the opportunities our robotic solution creates.  

Because we are not experts in every area of the construction industry, we really want to create a dialogue with more people in the industry, to inspire and create new opportunities - and we are almost always able to create something that makes sense.  

As a part of our mission to implement robot technology into the construction industry, we have allied ourselves with Realdania and are participating in the project Innovation to market. In correlation with the collaboration our CEO Kasper Guul Laursen was interviewed for the following article:

Written 1. Nov. 2019
Written 1. Nov. 2019

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