New faces at Robot at Work

Construction 28. Feb. 2020

Over the past month, Robot has gained two new employees, and they will help ensure that we continue to keep up with the development and demands for our robot.

Robot at Work (RAW) is constantly evolving, and that also means that we sometimes need new forces in the company. In the beginning of February, two new employees started at RAW, each will contribute with their competencies and skills here at RAW.

The first new employee is Christian R. Dam, who has started as Robot Engineer. He will help with the design of the upcoming robots for our customers, where he will participate from idea development, to sketch drawing and ultimately the design of the physical robots that our customers will receive.

The other new employee at RAW is Sabrina L. Nielsen, who has started in an internship, and is responsible for our communication and marketing in the company. Initially, she has read current materials, proofread and provided new inputs - in the future she will develop and produce internal and external materials, support with sales, and solve various ad hoc tasks.

Both Christian and Sabrina have adjusted well to the company, and with their joining, our team at RAW is once again becoming larger and stronger.

RAW has moved to new locations, as we needed more space to integrate robots for our customers. Our team shares office space, giving us the opportunity to discuss, collaborate and share knowledge in our daily activities. The move is partly due to the fact that we needed access to a workshop, as it is a huge advantage to be closer to our robots, so that we can quickly and easily work with the development of the robots, test new ideas and test the software directly with the control system.

More additions ahead

Robot at Work continues to grow, and the near future offers more new faces in the company. With the continued expansion of staff, we make sure that we can keep up with the developments here at RAW and not least the demand for our robots.

We are grateful that we continue to grow and gain new skills into the business, which will ultimately benefit our customers.


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Written 28. Feb. 2020
Written 28. Feb. 2020

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