Lack of labor in the construction industry: Danish Robot Company has found a solution

Construction 2. Apr. 2019

An interview with Robot at Works CEO, Finn Christensen, has resulted in an article about our robotic solution and its application in the construction industry.

Our robots will work side by side with the craftsmen in the construction industry - not replace the them. We want to contribute with a solution for the construction industry, which can relieve employees and at the same time solve the problem of lack of labor, so that the companies in the construction industry can grow.

The article also covers how we have been assisted by the Danish Technological Institute and the English Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC). We have received support to develop a robotic solution that can work with the craftsmen at the construction sites.

Read the full article here (N.B. the article is in Danish).

Still photo from video in the original article. Read the full article here (N.B. the article is in Danish).

Written 2. Apr. 2019
Written 2. Apr. 2019

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