Is it a bird? It it a plane? No, it's a robot moving on the wall

General 20. Nov. 2019 has published an article about Robot at Work and our CEO Kasper Guul Laursen. The article emphasizes on the how we are able to offer the construction industry with flexible robot technology, more specifically a robotics platform with the opportunity to shift between tools and setup to accommodate different needs in different places of the construction industry. 

Simply put: We want to release the employees in the construction industry from the hard, monotonous and wearisome work. The robot will take on these tasks, and by doing this, the employees can focus on the more specialized tasks.

But our robot doesn't look like a robot - or does it? It may not resemble the robot imagined to take over one's work. And it actually won’t. The objective is for the robot to help employees and give them time for other tasks – not replace them and their jobs.

The robot is a small blue box that goes up and down our rails. All in all, the box and rails are our robot platform - and it has great potential. We can change the equipment and setup of the robot because it is a modular robotic platform, which means that it is composed of different modules. The setup is made larger or smaller by means of the rails which can be assembled and cover a large area. The tool can be changed, so while other robots are typically designed with one purpose, our robot can be used in many different tasks - whether it is milling joints, painting, polishing or something else altogether.

CEO at Robot at Work, Kasper Guul Laursen.

Our CEO, Kasper Guul Laursen, was interviewed by and the result was an exciting article. If you would like to read more about Robot at Work and our robotic platform, then the full article can be read here (note: login required).

Written 20. Nov. 2019
Written 20. Nov. 2019

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