We exhibited our robot platform at Building Green in Forum, Copenhagen. Building Green focus on sustainable materials, products and solution that provide environmental benefits. We wouldn’t miss the chance to show and explain how Robot at Work and our solution fits into that agenda.

The fair itself had a lot of focus on how the incorporate new sustainable, but also recycled, materials into our construction processes and buildings. It provided us with an opportunity to illustrate how automation technology also align with a green agenda and can be applied in different situations and processes

It was inspiring to experience different environmental frontrunners and hear how their products, materials, or solutions all support the green agenda of tomorrow. By combining their approach and our automation approach, we experience vast collaboration opportunities that we can dive into in the future.


Off course, we demonstrated our modular robotics platform technology and how it can be transformed to fit the individual task without heavy investment in additional technology and robots. To align with the agenda of Building Green (link), we exhibited 3 different mock-up cases at our booth:


1: Milling out the mortar between bricks


2: Automated Rebar-tying


3: Milling off PCB paint within demolishing and renovation 


What happens now? As with every fair, the real work begins after the time at the booth by remembering the important cooperation opportunities and following up on exciting leads.

Building Green (link) was established in 2011 in Copenhagen and has developed into a unique platform for information, inspiration and ideas on the sustainable building industry.