RAW participated in DI Byg’s conference on digitalization and technology’s business potential in the construction industry at Industriens Hus on 11th of April.  
Exciting line-up with several interesting posts, among others, Jan Mischke from McKinsey Global Institute and our own Finn Christensen, who introduced our new modular robot platform. 
As a demonstration, we mounted the Modular Robotic platform on a small, moveable scaffolding in order for the participants to experience and understand the many possibilities our platform offers.  

It was an exciting and educational day, where it became significantly clear that we have a long road ahead of us – but the potentials are huge! 

Here are our two main take-aways from the day: 

- The construction industry on investment in a new digital technology is terribly low – in fact, we are only just ahead of agriculture and are in imminent danger of placing ourselves at the very bottom of the scale. 
- The key word of the day is collaboration
Collaboration across value chains and constructional professions creating new initiatives, business models and methods to get rid of ´we’ll do it as we’ve always done it’.