We are spending a great amount of time demoing different applications on RAW with our customers from different areas of the construction site. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of a visit from Koebenhavns Malerlaug, a Danish paint association of innovative companies looking into new technology.

Our modular robotics platform was mounted on a moveable scaffolding and the idea of the test was to demonstrate if RAW could grind and polish a sprayed-on hard render from Fermacell using a slightly modified Mirka grinder.

The grinding result at the lowest speed of the Mirkas grinder even surprised the experts in this simple test setup.



A short clip from the test can be seen in the video below.


Thrilled by the result of the test, the conversation immediately continued onto how the RAW platform should be put together in order to be implementable across the widest number of painting tasks possible.


The association of painting shared a common perception and agreed upon that the robot should not be able to perform all the painter’s job, but only the repetitive and tedious work on large surfaces such as walls and ceilings.