On-site configurable and re-configurable painting solution that can work on various surfaces/facade types and sizes. RAW can be equipped with a wide range of different spray-paint guns and via our control software increase finishing quality, consistency & output.


Whether it is facade milling of environmentally hazardous paint or grout milling of joints between bricks, RAW can be quickly adjusted to automate the hard, wearisome milling work and significantly optimize the process.
Free employees from wearisome and repetitive milling tasks with a collaborative robotic platform.


Precision and process time are important parameters in cutting processes. RAW can free up the employees’ hands and significantly optimize the process
Cut in any kind of surface just like a CNC machine. Straight lines, circles, curves or even high detailed or complex designs. It all depends on the tool you mount on the robotics platform.

Your Application

Don’t see your application on the list? Don’t worry!

The modular structure enables our robotic platform, in collaboration with the craftsman, to carry out the same tasks and processes that until now have been used exclusively by manpower. It moves at the same speed, delivers the same pressure and never gets tired or sick, and it can work on dangerous tasks without the risk of injury.

Get in touch with us today and experience how you can apply RAW within your business.

Grinding & Polishing

Grinding is a task that can be difficult to perform for a long periods of time. Get uniformity and automate a wide range of grinding tasks, whether they require hardness, precision or high speed, with a RAW platform. RAW is adaptable and ready to solve any grinding and polishing challenge.
Robot at Works robotic platform can be fitted with a selection of grinding tools designed for your exact grinding task and ensures the same result every time.

3D - Printing

The technology behind 3D printing gives great freedom when it comes to design, and in combination with a RAW platform it becomes possible to create 3D structures in various sizes and with different materials both on-site and in pre-fab production.
The potential of using the 3D print technology within the construction industry includes shorter construction time, greater automation, fewer errors and less waste of material. This is especially utilized with a RAW - and you are assured the same result every time.

Pick & Place

Optimize your production by automating repetitive lifting and moving tasks. RAWs large lifting capacity, speed and flexible installation increases productivity and flexibility.
The different mounting and setup opportunities combined with a very small footprint makes RAW perfect for any production facility.

Why work with RAW?

Our modular robotic platform can be applied on larger surfaces and facades with numerous automated application; painting, spraying mortar/putz for rendering, milling, 3D printing, cutting different types of materials and plates, lifting heavy loads, whatever other processing task you can think of.