“With RAW, we enable automation of manual processes to the benefit of both the craftsman and the bottom line”.

Finn Kirkegaard Christensen

CTO, Robot At Work

The missing piece between robotics and construction

Robot at Work has positioned itself between the robot world and the construction world, with the belief that modular robot technology is the way to an automated everyday life in the construction industry.

Founded in 2015

8 employees

10+ RAW’s sold

The next big thing

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Day or night, rain or shine.

Founded in 2015, Robot at Work has developed an advanced modular robotic platform that can be assembled in numerous ways for application at all levels and stages of a construction process over and over again.

This allows automation of repetitive, wearisome and dangerous work processes, which makes the craftsman available to perform other tasks alongside the robot. Our modular rail system can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of each application, making them unique to each customer..

It’s time to build.

Our robotic platform is a new generation of a programmable, modular rail system that gives you a noticeable return on investment - often with a payback period of less than a year.

Our modular platform is controlled by an intuitive, tablet-based interface programmed via 2D/3D drawings, making it possible for the end-user to set up and control the robot without prior robotics education or training.

The team

Meet the team

Kasper Guul Laursen


+45 29 33 89 17


Finn Kirkegaard Christensen

Co-Founder & CTO

+45 27 11 17 11


Anders Martiny


+45 27 77 57 80


Rune Skovrup Hansen

Software Developer

+45 31 42 14 28


Christian Rosendahl Dam

Robotics Engineer

+45 42 30 85 08


Johan Krogshave

Robotics Engineer

+45 91 89 12 98


Kim Jørgensen

Technical Designer

+45 91 89 09 48


Daniel Jeppe

Machine Engineer

+45 91 89 11 74


Allan Carsten Bülow



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