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RAW is a modular, user-friendly robotic platform that can be used for automating repetitive and wearisome work processes - even in harsh and dirty environments

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What can RAW do for your business?

RAW is a cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly robotic platform that works closely with people in the construction environment. The robotic platform can be built in many different ways and makes construction site automation easier. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the robotic platform is programmed based on a drawing and can be started with a smartphone on-site.

  • Works collaboratively with craftsmen
  • Automates wearisome and repetitive tasks
  • Flexible adaptation to various tasks from construction site to construction site
  • Robust and reliable - even in harsh environments
  • Increases productivity and frees up employees for other work tasks
  • Load capacity of up to 200 kg
  • Milling with RAW

    Hazardous work environment and wearisome, repetitive tasks done by using our robotic platform maximizing output and consistency.

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  • Painting with RAW

    RAW can be applied as an on-site configurable and re-configurable painting solution that can work on various surfaces/ facade types and sizes. RAW can be equipped with a wide range of different spray and paint guns, and through our control software the painters simply need press start!

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  • 3D Printing with RAW

    The modularity and scalability enables 3D printing onsite or in prefabricated production with any kind of material and shape. Our rail system can easily be built in any format and creates a flexibility that has not been possible until now.

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  • Grinding & Polishing with RAW

    Rapid and accurate surfaces grinding and polishing in any design, shape and material by using our robotic platform and the best grinding or polishing tool for the job. RAW can easily be adapted to different sizes of surfaces.

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  • Your Application

    Don’t see your application on the list? Don’t worry!
    Because of the modular structure of our robotic platform, it is easily adapted to to different businesses and their specific needs.
    Get in touch with us today and experience how you can apply RAW within your business.

    Read more about the different possibilities with RAW
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  • No prior programming experience needed
  • Customized tablet-based controls
  • Automate your repetitive and wearisome work processes
  • Free up your craftsman’s hands to do the tasks where his expertise is needed