Your next employee
is a RAW robot

RAW is a user-friendly robotic platform that can be used for several hundreds of different tasks, which previously required human labor

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What can RAW do for your business?

Thanks to the flexibility of the modular robotics platform and our intuitive, easy-to-program software interface, we can offer economic viable automation in new areas. Easy programming directly from 2D or 3D drawings or even 3D scanning/point clouds

  • Working collaboratively with craftsmen
  • Automate wearisome and repetitive tasks
  • Increases productivity by working smarter, and more consistently 
  • No programming needed “From drawing to on-site operation”
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Robust and reliable - even in hard environments
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(while the robot operates)

  • No prior programming experience needed
  • Customized tablet-based controls
  • Automate your wearisome work processes
  • Free up your craftsmen’s hands by automated repetitive work tasks